Monday, May 2, 2011

Wait and ...Waiting for....

There are 2 aspects to life.
 - wait and
 - waiting for.
When we wait the for the results arrive it is more peaceful. When we wait for the results we get disturbed and slow down the entire process of life. 
This can be said with an simple example, when the elevator is in 4th floor and we are in 1st floor we press the button and wait for the elevator to come down. In the mean time before the elevator comes down we get agitated, frustrated, keep on pressing the button, walk here and there, do some noises. We get disturbed and entire process is not peaceful.
Rather when we WAIT the results are peaceful.
Same goes with the traffic signal. While we are stading in the signal we keep on accelerating, honking, etc. where there is entire chaos not only to ourselves but also to the people in the vehicle in front of you.
Learn to "WAIT" and not "WAIT FOR" to expediate the progress of life in a peaceful manner.
Once whatever has to be done is done then "WAIT".
Results will come when it has to come. "Peacefully WAIT".
When we have done what must be done that's when man's responsibility ends and existential reponsibility begins. Do what u must do and wait. When we WAIT FOR the results to may not be denied but will be delayed.  When we "WAIT" results are much more than what we must get.
Siddhartha was going to different masters for 6 years out of "Waiting for" spiritual desperation to get the spiritual enlighment. But at one point he did what it needs to done and he did "WAIT" under a bothi tree to get the spiritual enlighment.
-- Excerpts from TT Rengarajan speech in Headlines today TV channel on Saturday April 30th 2011 from 6:45 a.m. IST to 7:00 am. IST.

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