Thursday, May 26, 2016

Reject Rejection!!!

How often do you feel rejected?  Think about it.  The person you asked on a date said "No", a prospect said "No" to buying the product you sell, and your boss didn't like your 'great' idea. The list goes on and on doesn't it?  We all hear the word "No" several times a day, and we have since we were little children. 
Yet still, to this day, each time you are rejected, a tiny piece of your self-esteem is stripped away from an increasingly suffering self-image.  Why is that?
There are two key reasons why you may be feeling rejected.  
The first reason is because you are accepting what others are saying to you.  You do not have to accept everything everyone says!  For example, when someone offers you a gift and you choose not to accept it, who then does the gift belong to?  It still belongs to the 'giver' of course.  So the next time someone offers you a gift,  such  as a direct insult, choose not to accept their gift, and it will still belong to them!  Just because another person thinks you are a *&%!#@!!, it does not mean you have to think it.  Don't let other people choose how you will feel.
The second reason you may feel rejected is because you believe that when a person says "No" to you, or rejects you in some way, they are actually rejecting you.  But they are not.  What they are rejecting is your idea or simply the way you presented your idea.  Have you ever asked the same person on a date several times and each time they said "No" and then all of a sudden, one day, you ask that same person out and he or she says "Yes"!  Why is that?  After all, you are the same person you were yesterday and the day before when you heard the answer "No".
The answer is simple really, yet few people see it.  The fact of the matter is that you haven't changed in anyway.  What has changed is your approach.  That is, the way in which you presented yourself and the idea you were trying to sell.  You see, rarely do people reject people.  Even when another person thinks they are rejecting you, what they are really rejecting is one idea that you presented to them.  And even then, it often isn't the idea, but the presentation.  This is where the power of persistence comes in!  In order to be successful in any endeavor, you must be persistent.  "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again!"  Eventually you will reach your goal and acceptance from those who you are presenting to.  The key is to notice what isn't working and change your approach.  Keep changing your approach until you find the one that works.

Pick any person who you believe to be extremely successful in any area and chances are that same person has also had more failures and rejections in that area than most other people.  Often the only difference is that the successful person was persistent and understood that each failure and rejection brought him closer to success.   Most people give up after just one try.  Don't be most people!  Be persistent in striving for whatever it is you want and don't accept every gift that is offered to you!  I guarantee that if you want something bad enough, you will eventually get it. – Soul and Peace

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