Thursday, May 26, 2011

Avoid Emotional Decision Making

Valmiki had the courage to explain Ramayan through lot of miseries.
These are some examples from Ramayan.
- If Dasaratha would wait for 2 days instead of granting the two boons to kaikayie in the war field. Kaikeyi was intelligent to say that I wont ask the boon now in this war field I will ask when it is time to ask.
- If Rama would have waited for 2 days instead of taking the request immeditely from kaikeyi to go to forest. In two days of time Bharatha would have returned and things would have been sorted out,
- If Laxman would have not cut the nose of surpanaka instead explain to her that he has a wife waiting in ayodhya.
- If sita would have waited for some more minutes for her RAM to arrive before crossing the line. Ram would have arrived. Sita was deceived emotionally by the words of the rishi (Ravana)
Ramayana would have not born.
Valmiki beautifully explaines here, "If we are not alligned with the laws of LIFE, We are sure to suffer from miseries."
Dont be a consequence receiver, be a choise maker.
Dont make any decisions when you are emotional. Wait for some time. Let the emotions settle down. Emotions will settle down. When we are emotional there is no intelligence. When we are peaceful within us. Intelligence comes up and we make clear decisions.
Inspite of all the above miseries in ramayan there was one person who said "All the miseries to my LORD Ram has to happen because you and me has to meet up. My bhakthi towards you has got me you here". Said the none other than the Monkey GOD Hanuman.
When we are emotional stand for few seconds as Swami Vivekananda stands with hands folded up. You will see the Swami Vivekananda in you.
-- Excerts from TT Rengarajan speech on Unspoke Languages from Ramayan and Mahabharatha on May 22nd 2011.

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