Friday, September 17, 2010

The thought process is very important, and I don't think anything happens without first step, but without the action, the first step will stay internal, in almost all situations. I repeat without action nothing moves. I think you have to sort through tons of rock to get to the diamonds, and some of that rubble rousing is going to be internal and some needs to be external.
Sheikh Chili , who was a great daydreamer. Once it so happened that a soldier told him to carry a tin full of ghee (clarified butter) to his house, and promised him two annas (pennies) as pay. So he was carrying that tin on his head and he started dreaming: "From the two annas I will get from the soldier, I will buy a couple of eggs, and from those eggs hens will come out, and when they are grown they will lay more eggs, and I will then sell those hens and eggs and I will buy a goat, and that goat will also have children, and I will sell all of them, and then I will buy a cow, and she will bear many calves, and for them I will collect so much money, and then I will get married. Then I will have many children, and I will take care of them. When they fight I will teach them not to, and if they continue fighting after they grow up, then I will kick them with my leg." And at this point in his fantasy, he actually kicked with his leg as if he were kicking his children, so that suddenly that tin of ghee which was on his head fell off and all the ghee was gone. The soldier got upset and said, "You have lost all this ghee"; but Sheikh Chili replied, "You are worried about your ghee which is worth only a few rupees, but I have lost all my family. You should give me some compensation."
"Our mind is just like Sheikh Chili. There is nothing material there, but still he is thinking about this and that, and he goes on doing fantasies."
Thought without action is dreaming
Thoughts become things. Not all thoughts become things.
You have to take action and make an effort to make the things. Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare. Remember the story of Sheikh Chili - SOUL & PEACE

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