Thursday, September 23, 2010

Give it a shot

Dreaming of a personal accomplishment, most people make the mistake of waiting...

- Waiting until they've been trained
- Waiting till someone say's they are ready
- Waiting till they have the proper tools
- Waiting till they're better
- Waiting till they're hired
- Waiting till they've been given the assignment
Question : There are 3 frogs on a leaf. If one of them decided to jump off the leaf into the water, how many frogs are there left on the leaf?
Answer: THREE
Because the frog only DECIDED to jump! It didn't!
Ponder over this, my friends.
Are you not unlike the frog; who decides to do this, decides to do that, but ended up not doing any?
In life, we have to make many decisions. Some easy; some hard.
Most mistakes are not made by wrong decisions Most mistakes ARE made due to indecisions
We have to live with the consequences of our decisions And that is RISK.
Have a great day ahead.- SOUL AND PEACE 

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