Wednesday, November 23, 2011


I need to be grateful towards life for giving me the lesson in a way 
I understand best, rather than complaining. 
- Sanna Gosavi

A rich man was passing through the desert towards his destination. It was a new experience for him as he was without all the luxuries and comforts that he had been used to. The hot sunrays were piercing through his skin and the sand was reflecting back immense heat. The hot air ran past and slapped his body, head to toe. It was getting difficult for him to carry on as he was beginning to get dehydrated and his water reserves had depleted. As he struggled and moved ahead, his eyes fell on a small tent at a distance. Gathering all his energy he somehow managed to reach the tent. He saw an old woman inside and dropped at her feet, begging for some water. 

The old woman immediately filled a dusty cracked mud bowl with water and offered it to the man. He readily drank enough of it, thanked the old woman endlessly and when he felt a little better, carried on with his journey. The most important thing for the man at that point of time was water because only water could help him to survive and move ahead. It would have been unwise of him if at that point, owing to his status, he cribbed about the condition of the mud bowl and blamed the old woman. Interestingly he thanked her for her help, without bothering to complain about the bowl. 

"Every event that happens in my life - whether favourable or unfavourable, is only a vessel carrying a lesson for me."

And that lesson is necessary for me at that point of time. The condition of the vessel is not important then. Understanding is that wisdom is in taking the learning along and leaving behind the vessel with all gratitude for it had served me. At times the experience may be something I enjoy: at times it may be something that is totally opposite to my expectation. It may cause pain, it may cause hurt, it may shake me up, but ultimately it has come to teach me a lesson of life and help me evolve to the next level. 

My responsibility is to find out the lesson I got to learn from a particular event. If I learn fast, I go to the next stage faster; if I don't, then I will manage to overcome this experience. But similar experiences will continue to happen to me until I eventually learn out of them. 

It is as simple as I will not be promoted to class six until I clear the examination of class five, no matter in how many attempts. Just as the man was thankful to the old woman, I need to be grateful towards life for giving me the lesson in a way I understand best, rather than complaining. 

If that's with life, then how can I even blame my fellow beings for anything? They are simply playing their part in this whole play and I need to be grateful to them too.  
- Frozen Thoughts October 2011 - Page 58

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