Friday, December 24, 2010

Live Now!!

Don't postpone living by trying to solve all your problems at the same time.

In fact the nature of life is such that there will always be Things to Do, Issues to Resolve and Challenges to Overcome. You don't get started on living intelligently because you ideally want to solve all our problems and then live the life... we wish for ourselves. Let me remind you this is the biggest trap we allow ourselves to fall into. To get out of this trap, you must first know that it is impossible to have a life without things to do, complete or solve.
Your In Box is never going to be empty. Also know that you must navigate through life, one step at a time. Patiently, peacefully. Jetsun Milarepa, a Tibetan Buddhist monk, in the 11th Century, advised: "Hasten slowly and ye shall soon arrive". Hasten Slowly? Isn't that an oxymoron? Not really. Milarepa knew, and so will anyone who has been in a hurry and has been running hard only to discover that being on a treadmill never gets you to a new place, that the secret of intelligent living lies in walking in the direction of your dreams, soaking in the scenery, stopping to smell the roses, even as you watch your every step.
Today's Christmas Eve. Stop worrying. Feel the joy in the air. Hear the bells jingle. If you have postponed a vacation with your teen-aged children because you are worried about how to afford their college education, be their Santa, take them out to dinner. If you have delayed signing up for a language program because you felt you need to first achieve something with your career, go enroll yourself today and say Santa advised you to do it!. If you may have been deciding against getting married now because you are worried about the cost of running a family, go start one: companionship needs no money, honey!
Wake up and smell the coffee: Isn't it ironic that you have time for everything in life__to worry, to fret, to fume, to struggle, to postpone__except to love yourself, to Live? Life is happening, NOW. Where are you? - AVIS Motivational Speaker.

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