Monday, November 1, 2010

Better Stress Management

There's no way to eliminate stress if we keep doing the same things. But just the thought of change can cause more stress. Here are lots of little things to try that can have a soothing cumulative effect:
Remember that perfectionism is doomed to fail. Forgive yourself now for any mistakes you'll make in the future.
Keep goals small and manageable. The huge goal that's never reached only adds to a sense of frustration. Break up the big into the little, and little by little you'll conquer.
Prioritize. This is important not only to make sure you get the most important things done first, but also to learn what is important. If everything appears to be of equal importance, you can become paralyzed.
Do the worst first. Whenever possible, do the most unpleasant task of the day first, even if it means a bit of juggling of priorities. Otherwise the dreaded task ahead of you will always occupy part of your attention.
Don't skip lunch. And use lunch to eat lunch. Eat, exercise, listen to music: don't make lunchtime another source of stress by squeezing in 14 personal errands.
Put it in writing. Nothing sends stress soaring like suddenly remembering a forgotten chore. Don't rely on your memory, even for the most obvious tasks.
A clear desk helps clear the mind. Try to keep your office neatly organized. It saves time hunting for lost items, gives you a peaceful-looking work area, and makes a good impression.
Avoid what gives you stress. Minimize contact with people and things that bring on sweaty palms and churning stomachs. If that's impossible, try to determine exactly what's stressful about this person or thing and see if it can be dealt with. – SOUL and PEACE


  1. how abt time management?thats something which bothers me a lot.
    good post

  2. That's pretty fast Padma. Let me see and update you. Thanks for your comments.