Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hatred and Jealousy:

 Once upon a time a man preyed to god for days at end. God was really happy with his devotion and dedication, and came to see him. The god granted him a wish, but there was a catch. What ever he will ask for, his neighbor is going to get the double of it. The man thought to himself that it does not matter what his neighbor gets, at least he can get whatever he always desired for.  
But in few days the blessing became a nightmare for him. He asked for a palace for himself to live in, his neighbor got two. He asked for a billion dollars, his neighbor got two. He asked for a beautiful woman for him, his neighbor got two. Now you can understand his dilemma. He lost his sleep even. He was bothered about what his neighbor was getting. Obviously he was jealous of what his neighbor was getting. Gradually he stopped even asking for himself too. What is the fun of asking for the things that his neighbor is going to get the double of it? Than one day he met his friend who was a lawyer by profession. Seeing his friend in distress the lawyer gave his piece of advice to him. This guy was really happy now. He again went back to the god and said I want to loose one eye of mine. The neighbor became blind. Now seeing this he asked god for two wells in his courtyard. The neighbor got four wells in his courtyard. Now it was only a matter of time that the neighbor would fell into the well and die, d it so happened. The neighbor fell in one of the wells and died.  
This story implies on all of us. Hatred and jealousy are negative emotions, and we all in one way or the other suffer from it. It acts as termite on our emotional level and eats away all the positive emotions in us. These emotions keep thought level busy. 
On the other hand there are emotions of compassion and kindness. The most powerful people in our history are remembered for their emotions of kindness and compassion. Mother Teresa is one such example. 
Shakespeare understood the power of these destructive emotions very well. He explained in his own explicable way the destructive power of these negative emotions in all his novels and stories. Jealousy and hatred played a vital role in all his novels. 
If you really want to become successful in life you must indulge in finding out the way to be emotionally stable, and the rest will follow. 
Conclusion: Emotion is the fountainhead of success. – Soul and Peace

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